Kris Allen Goes Electro Pop On “Vision Of Love” Remix (Song Leak!!)


A few days ago, Finnish DJ’s Maison & Dragen accidently leaked a remix to a new Kris Allen track possibly titled “Vision Of Love”. At first, we were hesitant to post it because we don’t want to encourage album leaks, but everyone has been going crazy over it! It’s made the rounds to bloggers all over the world, so we thought it was time share it with those who haven’t heard it yet. Rumors have been circulating that this is Kris’ first single off the new album, but according to his interview with ClevverNews, they are still deciding. With that said, take a listen to the song below & let us know what you think!



wake up
if you believe
love is
not a fading dream
tell me
I’m not the only one who feels this way right now

needs a friend
ask him
where he’s been
you could
be the light that comes and turns his world around

when a heart breaks
and the world shakes
will we stand for the vision of love
when a tear falls
and the fear calls
will we stand for the vision of love

hides her face
cause she feels
out of place
she cries
come on someone tell this girl she’s beautiful

when a heart breaks
and the world shakes
will we stand for the vision of love
when a tear falls
and the fear calls
will we stand for the vision of love

Thanks to @summerdaze_ for the lyrics!

“Kris sounds brilliant singing in his upper register on the hook, his voice soaring above 90′s keys and heavy house beats. The euphoric lyrics sound like they were tailor-made for the dance floor, and it’s refreshing to hear some masculinity in a scene that is usually dominated by the ladies.”

Read the full article HERE. They also mention the song HERE and HEREvia The Prophet Blog

“The title of the track is presumed to be Vision of Love and sounds like sans-remix, it could be a strong and powerful acoustic track.”

Read the full article HERE. via Homorazzi

“My affection for cute singer songwriters is well documented, but I love it when they blow my mind by doing something completely unexpected.”

Read the full article HERE. via CALIFORNIACRUSH

“The song, remixed by Finnish duo Maison & Dragen, probably won’t sound like this on the album but it’s nice to remind the industry that Mr. Allen is not only capable of making your heart sigh or skip a beat (seriously, the arms) — but also get it pumping!”

Read the full article HERE. via @JarretSays/

“It has all the best elements of 90′s house music all over it …. and this is officially Music Prophet approved!”

Read the full article HERE. via TheMusicProphet

“On this new track, Kris really flexes his false seato muscles on the chorus which soars over the stabbing synths & house beats… In other words, I LOVE THIS!!”

Read the full article HERE. via Sound Off Music Blog

“Kris voice soars laced over the glorious house beat. I’m already anticipating to hear what the original sounds like.”

Read the full article HERE. via JonAli’s Blog

“Further embracing the Trouse sound, Maison and Dragen’s remix of “Vision of Love” features flowing synths that adorn the Kris Allen vocals in a fitting tribute to the original.”

Read the full article HERE. via WhompingStereo

“Kris’s vocals are fantastic. He sounds perfectly at home on a production of this sort, although, he could probably do great with any genre.”

Read the full article HERE. via Sweet Muzik

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8 Responses to “Kris Allen Goes Electro Pop On “Vision Of Love” Remix (Song Leak!!)”
  1. Madeleine says:

    love love love this :)))
    I like goodies like that; maybe it makes me more patient for the Feb single :))

  2. Diane says:

    Thanks for posting those. I think I’ve read them all already, but it was fun reading them all at once. Love the love Kris is getting from the newbies!

  3. SG says:

    I am officially in love with this remix.

  4. Shosh says:

    Thanks for pulling all this together in one place! I love the remix, and love that it’s making people who normally wouldn’t give Kris a second look really take notice. His voice sounds amazing on the song, and the remix version has me bopping along.

    Just makes my anticipation for his album that much greater!

  5. AnaYo says:

    Love Love Love Love Love … I think I’m gonna keep listening to this until it’s released as a single, or until Kris’ 2nd album drops… whichever comes first.

  6. OneRealFan says:

    This song is so awesome and it is so great that others are seeing whatso many of his fans have known right along – that Kris Allen is super talented!!!! I hope Kris’s sophomore album soars!!!

  7. THanks for putting all this in one place. Actually, there is a lot more out there, but this is the best of the best.

    Highly anticipating the single and album and looking forward to new music at The Mint.

  8. yay, thank you for taking the extra step and actually compiling the reviews and links here! so much fun to read all the positive feedback.

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